3. Break Routine in Small Ways

Guess who’s back! This was a bit longer of a break than I had expected, but c’est la vie. I had a great vacation, my best friend got married, I settled back into post vacation routine and got to visit my long-time friend, Jacquelyn (are you happy now)?! However, this past week I started to implement my mother’s advice to me.

My mom suggested that I begin to break routine in small ways. She shared with me that it can help to refresh my enthusiasm for day-to-day living. Some of her suggestions for breaking routine were as follows: walk to work using a different route, try a different flavor ice cream or go to a different grocery store. My mom pointed out that the possibilities are endless and these little variations allow us a different point of view each and every day.

To be quite honest, I think I chose a pretty awful week to try this advice out. Seeing as since I am just getting back from vacation and I am trying to re-establish a routine, mixing it up seems quite silly. However, if you’ve met me, I am sure you can agree that I am not all too conventional or logical at times– so what the heck?! I started mixing things up by changing out my eating habits. Now– this may have a little (a lot) to do with the fact that I was just in France and the wedding I was in was half French, but breakfast became bread (baguette) and Nutella. Normally for lunch I will have chicken and some vegetables. However, since I was trying to add variation and vacation has you eating like you will die tomorrow (carbs, carbs, fat, sugar, grease, MEAT & all the alcohol)… my lunch became vegetables and fruits. My snacks were cheese and almonds. Dinner has never been set, but this past week it was bread and cheese! I actually found that I was more satisfied and full throughout the day. Maybe I am on to something…

The next variation I tried was taking different routes to the train station. Usually I am on auto-pilot when I walk to work. I turn at the exact same streets, cross at the same streets and on most days I have my walking paced out so I don’t have to stop at lights. I don’t know if I am impressed or ashamed about that. So, I took different routes each day this week, which in turn had me stopping at traffic lights and almost getting hit by cars. It made me get my brain in gear much sooner than I normally would in the morning. Also, my friend Melissa would like me to point out that varying routine (specifically walking) will help me not to get abducted by a serial killer and she was right– I have not been abducted this week!

I tried to change some other small things about my day such as working out (really I was just too lazy to do it) and the order in which I completed my tasks at work. Now, to be quite honest, these variations did not make my mundane rituals much more exciting. However, what it did do was what I said before, make me think more. It exercised my brain and I had to be more alert. Some variations were more enjoyable such as the eating, other variations just put off what I would need to do anyway (work variations). This advice has helped me to realize that we do tend to get stuck in routines (or ruts) and it is important to spice up our life (hey Spice Girl fans). This is certainly advice that I will continue to implement when I find myself dragging my feet as I walk through life. Because life should be exciting! And maybe someday while I walking a different route to work I will happen across a $20 floating in the air (wishful thinking) or the first tree succumbing to autumn. By going into a different grocery store I might find that ever elusive Tamarillo and be able to make the most delicious juice ever. You never know what can happen by changing your habits. You never know what might happen when you make yourself available to mini adventures. You never know what you can learn by asking 30 people for advice. You’ll never know if you never try.

This is Thirty.

“Sometimes chaos is the very thing that deliberately shakes up our neatly ordered world’s in order to get us out of the neatly ordered ruts that have kept us stuck.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

“As I discover, everyday is an adventure…so do what ever the Spirit tells you..don’t do things out of drudgery or obligation…each day will unfold as it should…stay restful and try not to be in a hurry…there are things that can wait, and things we don’t really need at all…don’t be a slave to the everyday routine…we’ve all been programmed to do things, “just so”..try to shed the programming…you will be surprised how some things that hassle our minds aren’t really important at all. And most of all, go out and heal with nature”
― Angie karan

PS: I did a horrendous job at keeping an impatience log. However, I have been trying to be mindful of what makes me impatient. There is still more to come for Advice #2.

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